Towards the cure of OCD

In case you desire to heal the OCD, you should keep in mind than the only way to keep in mind than the only system to erase the real cause. It’s an anxiety disorder than causes intrusive obsessive thoughts in the mind of the person.In lots of cases, there are also compulsive actions. The reason of the problem is unknown, but most professionals consider than it’s a combination of personality and childhood traumatic events. This is important simply because the only system to heal the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is to erase its deepest cause.

The aspects than are responsible of the cause of the anxiety disorder are the education received, the over-protection in the education received by their fellows, and the existence of past events, and factors like than. One of all the elements than also can produce the problem is the anxiety. Let’s talk about some practical examples of compulsive actions. Some of the acts are:
Washing their hands one time after another.
The acf of checking than the doors are closed and other examples of verifications.
To display the objects in a certain way.
To make certain mental acts related to certain numbers or words and letters.

Lots of the cures are not as helpful as the patient might think. That is due to the fact than a lot of therapies, as well as conductive therapy, than not always are not able to cure the OCD. That is due to the fact than most therapies can’t to erase the cause of the disorder. If we want to know how to cure the OCD you should know than you must overcome the cause. The only treatments than are really successful in the process of curing this OCD are the psychoanalysis and the EFT. Those are things than deep into the not conscious mind. Once this fixed the disorder is cured.

Let’s see about the psychoanalytic therapy. It had been discovered by Sigmund Freud, and heavily modified by Carl Gustav Jung. It`s useful to cure the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder because the therapy allows subconscious feelings to be integrated and therefore they no longer are perpetuating the the anxiety, and that makes the cure to become possible. Despite that, than it’s a expensive therapy, due to the fact than there is needed a high number of sessions in order to make possible the OCD to begin to cure. It could imply it`s expensive to cure the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder if one choose the psychoanalysis.
For curing the OCD quite effective is the BioNeuroEmotion. It’s a discipline than was developed by by Enric Corbera. It’s a science than brings up the impact of the ancestors
in our personality, and one of its points is the observation of the genealogical tree, but for me the most effective method in my curation process was the  method I explain in my web page.

Some of the most typical cases of compulsive are cleaning someone’s body several times a day, checking than the windows are properly closed, and to put the objects in a certain disposition. It’s also frequent to wash the house over and over to try to keep the house totally clean and free of microbes.The patient know than all these rituals are not normal but they are not able to no not to make that kind of compulsive acts. If they don’t repeat the rituals they begin to experience high levels of anxiety and the only way to stopping that negative feeling is repeating the compulsive impulses.The cognitive treatments help to dicrease those feelings but generally it doesn’t cure the negative sensations.

Most guys with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are not knowing they have this disorder therefore they can’t search the solution. They have the consciousness than they have rituals than are not psychologically healthy the problem is that they don’t understand why and the process to stop doing these things. As you may imagine this is something very hard from the psychological point of view because those people are suffering and don’t explain to other persons because they are afraid of being crazy.In case you are a friend of a guy who you think than can suffer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder the best thing you can make is talking with him and to inform this disorder and about the importance of search for psychological treatment.It’s too extremely important to show your support and say to that person the fact than he’s not abandoned. It’s something than can mean a lot.

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